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- From the Platform of the Massachusetts Democratic Party

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(An Act to Protect the Civil Rights and Safety of All Massachusetts Residents)

SD.1596 and HD.3052


The Safe Communities Act would protect the civil rights of all state residents by making sure our tax dollars are not used to help the Trump Administration deport immigrant families or create a Muslim registry. This powerful new version of the Trust Act is sponsored by State Senator Jamie Eldridge (SD.1596) and State Representative Juana Matías (HD.3052).


·       No state support for Muslim registry. Prohibits access to information in state databases for use in any federal registry program based on national origin, religion or other protected characteristics.

·       Ensures Basic Due Process Rights for people detained in state and local facilities for civil immigration violations. Requires informing detainees that they have the right to decline an interview with ICE agents, and to have their own attorney present (at their own expense) if they so choose.

·       Use police resources to fight crime, not separate families. Ensures that state, local and campus police don’t participate in immigration enforcement activities, including inquiries, investigations, raids, arrests or detentions that are based solely on immigration status.

·       Prohibits agreements with DHS that deputize local officers as immigration agents, including county officers in Bristol and Plymouth sheriff's departments. 


Call on Governor Baker to Support the Safe Communities Act!

Last month, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the highest court in the state, ruled that local law enforcement officials cannot detain a person solely on a request from federal immigration agencies. This was a victory for immigrants and civil rights, setting a national standard and showing Massachusetts as a leader against anti-immigrant policies.

Governor Baker's response to this historic ruling was to file state legislation attempting to allow police across the state to honor civil detainer requests from U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) for any "removable alien" deemed to pose a threat to public safety. This is a step backwards, aligning with xenophobia and opting into fear. 

Call Governor Baker’s office to let him know that you do not support his legislation! Instead, we need him to support the Safe Communities Act which will keep our communities healthy and strong. Contact the Governor’s office: (617) 725-4005