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Welcome to the official website of the Brookline Democratic Town Committee.

The Town Committee works to build a grassroots movement in Brookline in order to elect Democratic candidates to state and national offices through voter registration and education, voter contact via phone banks, door to door canvassing, social media and other events and activities. 

We hope this website will help you connect with other Democrats in Brookline to work on behalf of the issues and candidates that matter most to you, especially during these times that require us all to actively defend our values.

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Stop the Republican Tax Plan -

Start Calling on Monday

The latest Senate Republican tax plan not only would create an unconscionable tax cut for the wealthy, but would also repeal the individual health care mandate, which means that 13 million fewer people will receive health insurance and there will be an additional 10% increase in health care premiums.  We know our Senators here in Massachusetts will stand strong against this, but how about the Senators in other key states?

Here’s a way you can reach out to progressive people in critical states across the country and ask them to call their Senators.  This was a hugely effective way to stop prior attempts to repeal health care, and now we need to hit the phones again. 

Thanks to our friends at Indivisible for setting up this easy way to reach across the state lines.  Even if you just have a few minutes, please log on and make as many calls as you can starting Monday!

Call fellow progressives in key #TrumpTaxScam target states and patch them through to their Senators. We’re bringing back a super effective peer-to-peer calling tool from the TrumpCare fight so you can take action to stop this bill by reaching out to progressive constituents in Alaska, Arizona, and West Virginia. Get started now.









2018 Democratic

Campaign Institute

January 19 – January 21, 2018

Lowell, MA

The Democratic Campaign Institute brings together campaign managers, candidates, town committee members, and activists from across the Commonwealth to learn from one another and leading political experts to hone their political strategy and grassroots organizing skills. Everyone is encouraged to attend, no matter their level of experience or skills – from those just becoming active to the most seasoned campaign leaders.
This three-day program will feature top political operatives and activists from Massachusetts and across the nation. Participants will receive hands-on training on all elements of successful campaigning including campaign plan development, strategic messaging, fundraising basics, and more.
Where:           UMass Lowell Inn & Conference Center
When:            January 19th at 5pm to January 21st at 2pm
Who:              You!
Purchase tickets and learn more about the DCI here. Tickets are $75. Financial assistance for tickets is also available here.
There will be a very limited number of hotel rooms available for $119.00 plus taxes and fees at the UMass Lowell Inn, though many participants will choose to commute. Please contact for hotel room information.